Speedrun Tutorials

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New to speedrunning?

Take a look at our getting started guide. It covers a majority of the things you need to know to get started with running the game.


100% is the most popular category for high and top level players. It consists of collecting every unique spatula in the game and the collectibles needed to obtain them.


Any% is the most popular category for beginner and intermediate players. It consists of completing the game as quickly as possible with no restrictions.


NG+ is the most popular category for intermediate and high level players, along with racing. It is very similar to Any% except you are allowed to use in-game codes to unlock the bubble bowl and cruise bubble immediately.

Segments Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet containing a list of common RTA strats for every segment of the game. Each segment has a video example attached to it, as well as relevant categories, Hans state and tutorials.

Other Tutorials

Index containing all main and miscellaneous tutorials.