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New to speedrunning?

Take a look at our getting started guide. It covers a majority of the things you need to know to get started with running the game.


100% is the most popular category for high and top level players. It consists of collecting every unique spatula in the game and the collectibles needed to obtain them.


Any% is the most popular category for beginner and intermediate players. It consists of completing the game as quickly as possible with no restrictions.


NG+ is the most popular category for intermediate and high level players, along with racing. It is very similar to Any% except you are allowed to use in-game codes to unlock the bubble bowl and cruise bubble immediately.

Segments Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet containing a list of common RTA strats for every segment of the game. Each segment has a video example attached to it, as well as relevant categories, Hans state and tutorials.

Other Tutorials

In addition to what's available on this page, there's an index containing all of the tutorials written for this site.