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Industrial Park's Randomizer tool allows the creation of mods that randomly swap and manipulate many objects and behaviors in the game, such as which area a gate takes the player to, how many Shiny Objects a clam costs, how fast platforms move, and more.

Gameplay Example

You will need to download Industrial Park to access the Randomizer.


Video tutorials

Written tutorial

  1. In order to play Randomizer, the player should have Dolphin Emulator, Indsustrial Park, and an ISO for BfBB.
  2. Once this is done, the User should add their ISO to Dolphin, Right Click the game from the games list, and select Properties.
  3. From here, the User should navigate to the Filesystem tab, Right Click Disc, and select Extract Entire Disc.
  4. Once the Extraction is finished, the player should add the Sys folder to their games list.
  5. At this point, it is recommended that the User makes a backup folder of the Extracted files.
  6. At this point, the player should open the Randomizer section of their Industrial Park folder.
  7. After this, the User will be able to select what settings they wish to play with before they go to the Game Directory Tab, click "Choose Backup Directory", and select the backup folder which was just created.
  8. Then, go back to the Game Directory Tab, click "Choose Game Directory", and select the folder which the copy was made of.
  9. Following this, the User should click Perform and click Yes to the prompt which comes up.
  10. Once this is done, the User can go back to Dolphin, select the Sys file from the games list, and prepare to play a potentially chaotic playthrough of BfBB.

AR Codes

Some AR codes are useful when playing a randomizer mod to reduce softlocks.

Effect Code
Skip Spatula Animations
040634F8 60000000
0406363C 60000000
04076A38 60000000
04076A4C 60000000
040640A0 60000000
L+R+Z to reload area
4A292620 00000070
023C1C0B 00000000