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Modding covers the unpacking, investigating, and manipulation of assets within the game files of Battle for Bikini Bottom.

Industrial Park

IndustrialPark Screenshot3.png

Industrial Park is a level editor for Battle for Bikini Bottom developed by Igorseabra4 that allows the viewing and editing of HIP and HOP archives, which contain and organize the scenes in the game. It consists of individual windows that show the contents of each loaded archive, and the main window which shows a navigable view of the scene those archives make up. Users can choose to load as few or as many archives to view and edit at once.

Industrial Park can be used to import and export models, textures, and sounds, view and edit behaviors of objects through an event-linking system, transform objects in 3D space, and more.

Modding resources

  • The Heavy Iron Modding Wiki contains helpful technical information about Battle for Bikini Bottom as it relates to modding, including tutorials and links to tools, in addition to information about similar Heavy Iron games.
  • The Heavy Iron Modding Discord server is used to discuss technical information about Battle for Bikini Bottom and modding.

Full-game mods

Here you can find released mods that provide custom content throughout the full game.

BfBB: Second Strike


Click the above image to download the BFBB: Second Strike mod!

BFBB: Second Strike is a full game mod for Battle for Bikini Bottom that significantly increases the difficulty and how you progress through the game. Created by aaron5015.


BFBBMix Banner.png

BFBBMix is the first full-length custom level mod, featuring new music, new objectives, and new robot boss fights, totaling to all 100 spatulas. Created by skyweiss.

TetraxZ's BfBB Showcase Mod

TetraxZ's BfBB Showcase Mod is a mod made mainly by TetraxZ in 2018 with help from Seil, Igorseabra, and other people in the modding community. It showcases what Industrial Park can do in terms of editing levels.

Other mods