Grounded Frame Input

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Grounded Frame Inputs

After SpongeBob takes damage there is one frame between when his damage animation ends and his falling animation begins where SpongeBob is considered grounded (Grounded Frame). On this one frame SpongeBob can perform any action that he could normally perform on the ground.

One Frame Jumps

By jumping on a Grounded Frame, SpongeBob can then input a second jump later, before touching the ground. This is often referred to as a Triple Jump.

One Frame Bashes

By bashing on a grounded frame, SpongeBob retains his damage momentum as well as gains vertical height.

One Frame Bowl

Spongebob can input a bowl on a grounded frame. However, this particular trick isn't considered useful for speedruns.

Sliding Inputs

If SpongeBob slides off a ledge after taking damage, he is given 15 Grounded Frames rather than one, allowing him to retain damage momentum and input a Sliding Jump, Sliding Bash, or Sliding Bowl during that window.