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Cruise Boosting is a glitch where activating a cruise bubble and bubble bowl on the same frame stores bowling momentum, increasing your total speed.

Types of Cruise Boosting

Cruise Boost (CB)

Cruise boosts are usually done by facing a wall. Activating the Cruise Bubble and Bubble Bowl on the same frame in a case like this conserves SpongeBob's bowling speed. By sliding to the left or right against the wall, another one of these inputs stores a higher bowling speed. This causes the bowling speed to get “stuck,” which causes SpongeBob to be pushed forward,even when the analog stick is neutral. The cruise boost speed and SpongeBob's walking speed can be stacked, achieving about twice the normal walking speed.

Reverse Cruise Boost (RCB)

Reverse cruise boosting achieves the same effect as a normal cruise boost, but activation occurs faster. When a cruise boost is performed facing sideways or backwards, you can hold the cruise bubble on the second input. This will turn SpongeBob away from the wall, cancelling the second cruise bubble animation.

Ledge-cancelled Cruise Boost (LCB)

Ledge-cancelled cruise boosting achieves higher speeds than normal cruise boosts. When you cruise boost off specific ledges, it captures a higher displacement, causing much higher speeds as a result.

Displacement Cruise Boost (DCB)

Displacement cruise boosting (DCB) is similar to LCB. Instead of capturing a higher displacement from a ledge, you use a precise bowling ball shot to displace yourself.

Instant Cruise Boost (ICB)

Instant cruise boosting is a TAS-only form of cruise boosting. High speeds can be achieved with just one input, and can be stacked repeatedly.

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