Camper Skip

From Battle for Bikini Bottom
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Located within the depths of the Kelp Caves is a camper who has lost their way. Mrs. Puff has asked SpongeBob to locate and ensure the safety of this camper, in addition to several others that are lost. While casual play requires SpongeBob and Patrick to solve a series of puzzles to rescue these campers, speedrunners are able to bypass these puzzles. In order to rescue the Kelp Caves Camper, navigate into the room adjacent to where the campers.

While Cruise Boosting, the runner scales the platforms in the center of the room until they are high enough that they are able to jump to a large rock protruding from the wall nearest to the camper. From here, jump behind the Rock while mashing the L-trigger to L-Clip through the wall. Once clipped, the runner is either able to ledge grab a spot on the ground near the camper, or activate a checkpoint before drowning, which leads to the game to respawn SpongeBob within the camper's room.