Vine Climb

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In the Kelp Caves, there are a series of puzzles for collecting the crystals. Patrick can throw stone tikis on top of stone pressure plates, which cause certain events to occur. The plate above the cliff near Barnacle Boy causes a tall vine with leaf trampolines to grow, allowing you to get to the top of the level to the highest crystal.

Before the vine grows after activating it, a part of the vine is already sticking out of the ground, including a trampoline leaf. Using the leaf, SpongeBob can jump up to the top of the vine, performing a precise bash. From there SpongeBob lands on small ledge above. Spongebob can continue to bash up the wall to the top of the level, leading to one of the five crystals. This trick allows you to skip activating a pressure plate, allowing the player to avoid switching to Patrick and grabbing a tiki to activate said pressure plate.