Top of the Lodge Skip

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In Sand Mountain Lodge, a Spatula can be seen at the top of the lodge. Fittingly, this is the Top of the Lodge spatula. Normally, a button must be pushed that causes a series of swingers to lower, allowing sandy to swing along them and reach the spatula. There are a few methods to skip using most (or all) of the swingers, reaching the spatula much faster.


With Cruise Boost

With a Cruise Boost, Spongebob can use a Bubble Bash while standing on the railing of the lower balcony. By facing towards the Balcony where the spatula is, Spongebob can just barely reach this Balcony, allowing him to collect the spatula and skip the need to use the swingers.

Without Cruise Boost

After lowering the swingers, Sandy can glide to the last swinger due to an oversight from the Developers. From here, she can glide to the spatula. This skips the needs to use most of the swingers.