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Sandy's dream is among the largest levels in the game. In addition to having a full size slide, it also possess a battle arena. In addition to its 2 spatulas, there are also 3 socks throughout the level. It is possible to skip this fight section though, along with its accompanying toll clam and swinger section. Setting up a Displacement Cruise Boost a the corner of the star nearest to the left side of the entrance (when facing it), the player is able to achieve up to a 24 speed Cruise Boost. This DCB is referred to as Texas DCB. From here, the player is able to navigate throughout the level and collect all them objectives. Once the player has collected the 2 slide socks and is going towards the Swingers spatula, it is possible to jump onto the hat, though the hand must be disabled. From here, the player can reach the battle arena island, grab the sock, and then bash onto the window. From the window, it is possible to jump to the spatula, but the player must be careful to land on the island, otherwise risking a softlock.