Spongebob Rooftops

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After doing Swingin' Sandy Skip, a route used in categories where Downtown Bikini Bottom is done with cruise boosting involves using Spongebob and jumping from the top of the Windmill over to some black-topped buildings. In categories where wheels are not collected, the fastest strategy from that point is to bash onto the antenna on the first black building, then make some spaced jumps to skip straight to the spatula at the end. In categories where wheels are collected, the fastest route involves going off to a building to the left, get a checkpoint on the red building to deathwarp after getting a wheel that is out of the way, then continue through the floating wood platforms after respawning to get the remaining wheels and the sock. Routes that do Rooftops with cruise boosting and with Hans Enabled but must end the run with Hans Disabled typically do a trick called Lighthouse Disable at the end of this segment to Disable Hans very fast.