Spongebob Museum

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With Spongebob, through abusing Cruise Boosting and ledgegrabbing mechanics, it is possible to skip to the end of the Museum without taking down the laser walls. A ledgegrab onto the front-left tire while it is moving back into the 2nd section of the Museum allows Spongebob to clip through the 1st laser wall. Bashing off of one of the teeter-totters under the last laser wall allows Spongebob to get to the platform with the spatula without taking down the last laser wall. Doing a bash into a slam onto a red light on the wall lets Spongebob collect the sock and the artwork on one of the higher balconies. In routes where artwork must be collected, the artwork on the floor of the Museum next to the teeter-totters should be collected before going to the spatula platform for the most optimal movement. Jumping across the 2nd row of tires (once the player has clipped through the 1st laser wall) allows the sock on the middle balcony opposite of the huge tiki stack to be collected.