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Located in the 3rd section of the Hub, Spongebob's Dream is the 7th platforming level of BfBB. The level design of Spongebob's Dream differs from most in the game in that the first Sublevel serves as a miniature hub to the rest of the sublevels, as opposed to one sublevel feeding into the next before eventually leading back to the entrance.

SpongeBob's Dream
SpongeBob's Dream.png
Spatula Requirement None
Socks 5
Secondary Character Sandy

Dreamscape (DB01)

The first sublevel of Spongebob's Dream is referred to as the Dreamscape. The player is intended to progress through this sublevel in a counterclockwise manner in order to gain entry to the other 4 sublevels. In addition to serving as a miniature hub world, Dreamscape contains the following 3 Golden Spatulas: Across the Dreamscape, Follow the Bouncing Ball, and Super Bounce. There are no socks to collect in the sublevel.

Notable Dreamscape Strats

Bouncing Ball Skip

Main Article: Bouncing Ball Skip
A collective term used to describe multiple similar methods of skipping the Bouncing Ball and collecting the Follow the Bouncing Ball spatula.

Oil Skip

Main Article: Oil Skip
A damageboost used to reach the Across the Dreamscape spatula without having to navigate most of the level.

Super Bounce Skip

Main Article: Super Bounce Skip
A trick which abuses the geometry of a spiked block to collect the Super Bounce spatula which avoids paying a clam.

Sandy's Dream (DB02)

Proceeding counterclockwise from spawn, the first sublevel the player reaches is Sandy's Dream. Among the most diverse level in the game, this sublevel contains a full slide, a Swingers Challenge, and a battle arena. Sandy's Dream contains 2 Golden Spatulas, Swingers Ahoy and Slidin' Texas Style. Sandy's Dream also contains 3 socks to collect.

Notable Sandy's Dream Strats

Sandy's Dream Skip

Main Article: Sandy's Dream Skip
A collective term used to describe multiple methods of skipping the slide and collecting the Slidin' Texas Style spatula.

Swinger's BBJ

Main Article: Swinger's BBJ
A Bowl Boost Jump used to reach the Swingers Ahoy spatula, skipping both having to pay the clam and the robot fight.


Main Article: Swingerless
By achieving a high speed Cruise Boost, the entirety of Sandy's Dream can be navigated as Spongebob, quickening the player's ability to collect the level's spatulas and socks.

Squidward's Dream (DB03)

Continuing from Sandy's Dream, Squidward's Dream is the next sublevel the player reaches. The sublevel is a strictly a platformer with limited ability to delineate. Squidward's Dream contains 1 Golden Spatula, Music is in the Ear of the Beholder, and 1 sock.

Notable Squidward's Dream Strats

CB Squidward's Dream

Main Article: CB Squidward's Dream
Through the use of Cruise Boosting, Spongebob is to skip vast sections of the sublevel, with the option of getting the sock or take an easier movement path.

Note Jump

Main Article: Note Jump
By standing on the falling notes with the hand disable, the player is able to perform a precise jump to gain a large amount of vertical momentum.

Mr. Krabs' Dream (DB04)

Leaving from Squidward's Dream, the next sublevel is Mr. Krabs' Dream. Mr. Krab's Dream is a battle arena built around needing to beat a certain number of enemies before they will cease spawning. This level contains 1 Golden Spatula –Krabby Patty Platforms— and ‘1 sock'.

Notable Mr Krabs' Dream Strats

Patty Cutscene Skip

Main Article: Patty Cutscene Skip
By bowling shortly after loading in, Spongebob is able to get grabbed by Hans, skipping an otherwise unavoidable cutscene.

Patrick's Dream (DB06)

The last sublevel in Spongebob's Dream is Patrick's Dream. Thematically empty, the level contains 1 spatula which Patrick gives the player, aptly named Here You Go. This sublevel features no notable strats.


DB05 was cut from the game.