Spelunking Skip

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Once Patrick has been saved been saved, the player is intended to enter the Jellyfish Caves. The Caves are a long and winding journey meant to teach the player about Patrick's move set before culminating in a slide. This can be avoided, though, in large part due to Developer oversight. With the help of a Cruise Boost, the player is able to jump from the playing to the sand on either side of the water. From here, it is possible to walk under the caves section to the end of the slide. From here, the player can jump, and ledge grab back into the level at the end of the slide. This is only possible due to the Developers not making the ground Out of Bounds sand, as they had in each of the other 3 Jellyfish Fields sublevels. This saves the player from having to go through the caves sections as well as the need to go down the entirety of the slide.