Spatula Animation Skip

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When collecting a Golden Spatula, an animation plays showing the character celebrating their collecting of said spatula. These animations are forced, and cannot be avoided under normal circumstances. However, if a character begins entering a new area and touches the spatula before the loading screen shows up, the loading screen will interrupt the animation, skipping it entirely.


Squidward's Tiki

With a Cruise Boost, Spongebob will slide in whichever direction he's currently facing. This includes entering new areas. Spongebob will continue to slide forward between pressing R to enter the area and the loading screen showing up. After completing the Annoy Squidward objective, the spatula will appear on the ground. Leaving Squidward's Tiki while facing the spatula will have Spongebob collect the spatula right before the loading screen begins, skipping the animation.

Sandy's Treedome

After completing the Ambush at the Treedome objective, Spongebob must walk near Sandy to have the golden spatula appear next to her. By standing on top of the door near where Sandy is standing, Spongebob can fall into the loading zone to leave the treedome. The player can then quickly press R to exit before getting teleported in front of Sandy to have the spatula appear. Spongebob can then barely make it to the spatula before the loading screen starts, skipping the animation.