Spatula Animation Overlap

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Spatula animations can be overlapped with other actions, such as collecting items, or watching cutscenes.

Useful Spatula Animation Overlaps

Squidward's Tiki

There are two objectives in Squidward's house. Jumping ten times gives you the spatula, and destroying everything in his house gives the sock. Both of these tasks can be completed simultaneously. The spatula spawns next to one of the destructible objects (the music stand). If you collect the spatula and destroy the music stand at the same time, the sock cutscene will initiate during the spatula animation, saving time over watching both separately.

Robot Ship

After hitting the buttons to activate all 4 cannons in Robot's Ship in Flying Dutchman's Graveyard, a spatula will appear and the chest will open, revealing a button to play the cutscene showing the cannons firing. With a cruise boost, you can hit the button in the chest and slide into the spatula while the cutscene plays, saving time over watching both separately.