Slide Boost

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Grounded Frame Inputs

If SpongeBob is currently in a Spin or Slam animation when landing on a slide, there is one frame when his current animation ends and his sliding animation begins where SpongeBob is considered grounded (Grounded Frame). On this one frame SpongeBob can perform any action that he could normally perform on the ground.

One Frame Slide Bash

Bashing on a Grounded Frame while on a slide will allow SpongeBob to bash on the slide as well as retain any slide momentum. This is the most commonly used one frame input on a slide.

One Frame Slide Jump

Jumping on a Grounded Frame while on a slide will prevent SpongeBob from entering the slide animation and prevent him from gaining any slide momentum. This can be used to travel in reverse up slides.

One Frame Slide Bowl

The Bubble Bowl can be used on a Grounded Frame while on a slide.

15 Frame Bash

By sliding off the edge of a slide as a Spin or Slam animation ends there is a 15 frame window where SpongeBob can bash. No sliding momentum will be retained but any momentum from Cruise Boosting will still be applied.