Sandy Museum

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With Sandy, one can abuse ledgegrabbing mechanics to ledgegrab onto the swinging tires as they are passing through the laser walls and skip to the end of the level without having to take down the laser walls. There is a fast cycle that can be made without activating checkpoints throughout the area. After clipping through the 2nd laser wall, the sock and then the artwork on the higher balcony should be collected before dropping down to collect the spatula, if necessary, as it is much harder to climb back up for the sock and the artwork otherwise. When the sock at the start of the level needs to be collected, it is desirable to either collect it right at the start of the segment and deathwarp back on top of the platform, or to reload the level after collecting everything else and then collect the sock as Spongebob. The first method should be done on the Gamecube version of the game because the lasers on the floor of the Museum instantly kill the player if stepped on.

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