Sandy's Dream Skip

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Reaching the acorn at the end of Sandy's dream quickly, skipping the slide.


Fast Nut

Using SpongeBob, you can get a Cruise Boost and perform a slide bash right over to the acorn.

Sandy Nut

Using Sandy, you can glide over towards the acorn. Sandy can touch a small part of the invisible checkpoint just below the acorn's cap. Then, deathwarping in the manure truck below will respawn you at the top of the acorn. Hans must be disabled for this method.

Texas Sponge-Glide

SpongeBob can also perform a Sponge-Glide to the acorn by slamming in the paddlewheel. The height of the sponge-glide matches the top of the acorn's shell, which lets you land your glide on top of the nut. Hans must be disabled for this method.

Video Resources

Sandy Nut