Sandmen 1 Cycle

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As intended, it is supposed to require multiple trips down the Flounder Hill slide in order to destroy all the Sandmen. It is possible to avoid this with a variety of exploits. Being with having Hans disabled, the player can next Cruise Boost and perform Flounder Hill Timer Stop. Beginning with the Sandmen at the top, the player then proceeds to the 1st left sandman. From here, the player should jump off the slide and get back on the slide immediately before the 1st left sandmen, then destroying that one. Continuing down the slide, the player can then jump onto the 2nd right sandmen before jumping off the slide, scaling a hill, jumping back onto the slide and destroying the 2nd left sandmen. From here, the player can continue down the slide destroying the sandmen as they come. Once all of them are destroyed, the player can perform Pipe Sock Climb and complete the slide in one go.