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Located in the 2nd section of the Hub, Rock Bottom the 5th platforming level of BfBB. The level is unique in that, while it is cyclical, it is intended that you return to the first sublevel from the last one before you can complete it.

Rock Bottom
Rock Bottom.png
Spatula Requirement 25
Socks 9
Secondary Character Sandy

Downtown Rock Bottom (RB01)

The first sublevel is Downtown Rock Bottom. Generally focused on leading the player towards the museum, the sublevel also contains delineations including a slide. Within Downtown Rock Bottom, there are 4 Golden Spatulas: Get to the Museum, Slip Sliding Away, Return the Museum's Art, and Swingalong Spatula. There are an additional 3 socks to collect in this sublevel.

Notable Downtown Rock Bottom Strats

Art Skip

Main Article: Art Skip
By lag clipping beneath Mrs. Puff, the player is able to skip collecting the artwork

Slip Slide Away Skip

Main Article: Slip Slide Away Skip
By abusing a Developer oversight, the player can skip going on the slide for the time challenge

Swingalong Skip

Main Article: Swingalong Skip
With the help of a Cruise Boost, the player can jump from a trampoline to the spatula

Rock Bottom Museum (RB02)

Following Downtown Rock Bottom, the next sublevel is Rock Bottom Museum. With laser walls blocking the player from progressing, the sublevel is divided into 3 general sections. Within the Museum, there is 1 Golden Spatula: Plundering Robots in the Museum. Additionally, there are 3 socks to collect.

Notable Rock Bottom Museum Strats

Fast Cycle Museum Sock

Use of a 1 frame jump can allow the player to collect a sock on cycle, saving a load

Sandy Museum

Main Article: Sandy Museum
Method of completing the Museum as Sandy

Spongebob Museum

Main Article: Spongebob Museum
Method of completing the Museum as Spongebob

Trench of Advanced Darkness (RB03)

Upon leaving the museum, the next sublevel is the Trench of Advanced Darkness. With no trigger to reenter the museum, the only in level way to leave the sublevel to reenter Downtown Rock Bottom. Within the Trench, there are 3 Golden Spatulas: Across the Trench of Darkness, Lasers are Fun and Good for You, How in Tarnation Do You Get There. Trench also contains 3 socks to collect.

Notable Trench of Advanced Darkness Strats

CB Tarnation Skip

Main Article: CB Tarnation Skip
By climbing a small cliff, the player can jump to Tarnation spatula with the help of a Cruise Boost

Elevator Jump

Main Article: Elevator Jump
By abusing the upward momentum of the elevator, the Spongebob can jump to the Tarnation spatula

CB Lasers

Main Article: CB Lasers
Method of completing laser with a Cruise Boost

Sleepy Skip

Main Article: Sleepy Skip
By performing a damage boost, it is possible to cross the chasm and reach the Tarnation spatula