Robo-Spongebob Skip

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In the penultimate moments of the game, Spongebob faces his robotic equivalent. Like the Prawn and Flying Dutchman Boss fights, the Developers left a debug trigger in the game which ends the boss fight. Located directly above where Spongebob spawns, this trigger can be reached by abusing the mechanics of the battle arena. Once Robo-Spongebob has been damaged twice, he begins to use his chop attack, which causes the platforms the player stands on to flip. By baiting Robo-Spongebob into hitting the left side of the spawn platform then moving to the right side, Spongebob can be shot into the air. This is done by jumping has Robo-Spongebob hits the platform. This launches Spongebob into the trigger, thus ending the fight. Doing this allows the player to skip 7 out 9 tricks of Robo-Spongebob's health.