Robo-Sandy Manipulations

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In Poseidome, there is a boss fight against Robo-Sandy unlocked after collecting 15 spatulas that also opens the player up to Hub 2. In this fight there are small manipulations that can be done to speed up the fight slightly. This fight, once completed, unlocks the Bubble Bowl powerup, opening up many opportunities for glitches and progression.

Phase 1

After Robo-Sandy does her elbow slam, she will walk around for a short time before doing a butt slam in the ring, exposing a weak point for spongebob to slam. By standing in the center of the ring, she will immediately go from her elbow slam to the butt slam, eliminating the small walking done in between the attacks.

Phase 2 and 3

During the second phase where you switch to control over Patrick, Robo-Sandy adds another move to her arsenal. After the elbow slam and short walk, she will use the cords from the wall of the ring to propel herself across the ring.If she is too close to a wall, she will not use it and choose a different wall far away, causing her to spend extra time walking, If too far away, she will take extra time to walk towards it. Because she always follows your position, you can place her a short distance away from the desired wall to eliminate extra walking.

The manipulations during the third phase are the same as the second phase. There is no specific setup for the manipulations as some runners create their own, while others will copy manipulations that established runners will use.