Robo-Patrick Manipulations

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Robo-Patrick is considered to be the slowest boss in the BfBB speedrun, lacking a debug trigger and featuring slow cycles with 9 hits total. However, there are ways to speed up the fight and save a lot of time in the speedrun, giving the player access to the cruise bubble earlier.

The first phase of the fight has no manipulations, as there is no cycle to be sped up and the player can stand anywhere, negating a need for Robo-Patrick to land anywhere specific.

During the second phase, Robo-Patrick will raise the goo level after each hit. The player takes control of Sandy, who has access to the texas swingers surrounding the stage, which drop crates both near the swinger and in the middle of the stage. Additionally, after Robo-Patrick is done spinning, another crate will drop where he is sitting The player through a technique known as "Lasso Stalling", can essentially be close to the center of the ring while also dodging the goo and placing more crates by continually using the texas swinger at about mid-height. This is done to hit Robo-Patrick as fast as possible without drowning in the goo.

Additionally, each time after raising the goo, Robo-Patrick will vomit out goo around the ring for roughly 30 seconds. As soon as the player takes damage, Robo-Patrick will end his vomit cycle and resume the fight. By taking damage as soon as possible, the player can save minutes in the fight.

During phase 3, the goo will be fully raised and the player will be in control of Spongebob, while Robo-Patrick spins around the arena before falling down. Robo-Patrick's position he lands at is not random, but in fact pre-determined by the player's position right when Robo-Patrick begins his spin cycle. This can be used to prevent Robo-Patrick from landing at an opposite position of the player, which can often be on conveyor belts that will mess up bubble bowl timings.

At the beginning of the first spin cycle, place yourself on the upper left corner of the conveyor belts, at the corner closest to the middle. Patrick will most likely land somewhere near the spawn platform. If he lands in the middle or to the left, repeat the process in the same spot for the next hit. If he lands to the right, go to the opposite side, the upper right corner of the conveyor belts, at the corner closest to the middle.