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A debug trigger exists above the spawn point out of bounds. By getting a cruise boost and L-Clipping out of bounds, SpongeBob is able to climb the terrain from the outside and reach the trigger, ending the fight instantly.


Cruise Boost

With a cruise boost, SpongeBob can L-clip out of bounds and climb the outside of the map. From there, the player can jump to the debug trigger to end the fight. It is important to note that on GameCube, touching the trigger will NOT teleport you back into the map beside the spatula. Getting back inside can be done by reloading the level or ledge grabbing back into the map.

No Cruise Boost

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Going to the same spot where the player L-Clips out, the player is able to clip out of bounds using only the Bubble Bowl and jumping. Once this is done, the player can either set up a bowl so that it ramps back towards them, allowing them to bash off of it, or they can perform a Bowl Jump. Either of these reach the trigger.