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Description of Poseidome (B101)

Separating the 1st and 2nd sections of the Hub, Poseidome is the first Boss level of BfBB. The level features the Robo-Sandy boss fight. This fight has 3 distinct stages, alternating between Spongebob and Patrick. Poseidome requires 15 Golden Spatulas in order to gain entry. Upon defaulting Robo-Sandy, the player is granted 1 Golden Spatula and Spongebob learns the Bubble Bowl Ability.

Spatula Requirement 15
Socks None
Secondary Character Patrick

Notable Poseidome Strats

Poseidome Clip

Main Article: Poseidome Clip
By Lag Clipping through the floor, it is possible to collect the spatula

Robo-Sandy Manipulations

By moving and standing in certain positions, the Player is able to make Robo-Sandy move to more desirable locations