Pier Checkpoint Dodges

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Throughout most levels in BfBB, there are checkpoints which set the player's spawn in the event they die or go Out of Bounds. While these are meant to minimize retracking in casual play, it is possible use these checkpoints to respawn in a more favorable location. In the Pier, it is useful to set Patrick's checkpoint at the Wack-a-Tiki machine in the 100% category. From here, the player must go jump to the ropes of the Piling from which he will grab the stone tikis so as to avoid the checkpoint. From here, the player will navigate the stone tikis to the Skee-Ball machine platform. By jumping over the right side piling, it is possible to avoid this checkpoint. Continuing through the segment as usual, the player can drown after collect the spatula under the pier, respawning at the Wack-a-Tiki Machine.