Over the Moat Button Abuse

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In the goo beside the huge sand castle in Goo Lagoon, there is a toll clam. Patrick can pay this clam, which spawns a button in the goo. Throwing a melon at the button raises the Over the Moat spatula from under the goo, along with a path leading to it.

It turns out that the button is invisible and active the whole time. SpongeBob's bubble bowl and cruise bubble can also activate this button. By aiming at the invisible button, this skips paying the clam.


Moat Early

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By lining up a precise angle, SpongeBob can launch a bubble bowl over the castle's wall from the inside, and activate the button. From there, the player can jump down to the spawned spatula.

Cruise Bubble

By launching a cruise bubble in the direction of the button, the position of the button is displayed by the heads-up-display. Impacting the button activates it. This can be done from inside and outside of the castle.