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Squidward's Dream is unique among levels has it is the only one which is designed around platforming quickly. Whether it be the strings of notes racing towards Spongebob, tambourines circling around, or the very ground where Spongebob is standing falling out from under him, Squidward's dream is designed to push the player forward. These falling note, though, can be used to skip much of this platforming. By having Hans disabled, the player is able to fall with the note until it reaches the point where it teleports back up. If the player jumps on the frame that the note teleports back up, while standing slightly off the note, Spongebob will store the vertical momentum of the note teleporting back up in his jump. This cause Spongebob to fly into the air at high speeds. This allows the players to fall to the spat without having to go through much of the level's platforming. Given the amount of vertical speed, it is necessary to cancel Spongebob's vertical momentum before he goes too high. This can be done either by bubble wanding or performing a double jump. While a slam does cancel the momentum, it also prevents Spongebob from moving horizontally, thus disqualifying it from use in this instance.