Larry's Slide Skip

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Featuring a long and winding track, Sand Mountain Slide is among the largest stages in the game. As with many of the longer slides in the game, there are two spatulas associated with it: one for reaching the end of the slide and getting past a group of robots, and a second given for beating an NPC's time down the slide. This slide, colloquially known as Larry's Slide, is unique in that it is possible to avoid a large duration of the slide. By having the hand disabled and jumping off to the right of the slide after riding a short way down the slide, the player will find an odd piece of geometry in the level. By walking off the ledge at a certain point while performing an L-Bowl, the player is displaced in the direction of the bowl. Due to the design of Larry's Slide being a horseshoe, this displacement sends Spongebob to the bottom of the slide, right next to the trigger to finish the time challenge.