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As the player progresses through the game, Spongebob unlocks new abilities as he defeats the the bosses. From defeating Robo-Sandy, Spongebob learns the Bubble Bowl move, and from Robo-Patrick, Spongebob is granted the Cruise Bubble ability. While each is useful in their own right, they create a game breaking combination for speedrunning. One such use is the L-Bowl. By pressing the Cruise Bubble and Bubble Bowl input on the same frame while Spongebob is wedged between two objects, Spongebob will clip through the object he is facing at high speed. While sometimes the level's geometry may lend itself to an L-Bowl, the player is able to use a Bubble Bowl landing on top of them to create the displacement when the level does not naturally lend itself to it. This is especially useful in instances where the player needs to clip through an object which they are unable to L-Clip through, or needs to reach high speeds.

Uses of L-Bowl