Kelp Vines Time Challenge Skip

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Similar to the Sand Mountain slides, Kelp Vines features a time challenge, this time provided by Mermaid Man. Due to the Kelp Forest Sequence Break, the Spongebob enters Kelp Vines from the intended exit. This allows the player to open the teleportation box. With the box open, the player can accept the time challenge from Mermaid Man. From here, the player can activate the timer either by jump out a bit on the underside of the slide or by bashing over the top with a Cruise Boost active. From here, the player can re-enter the box and walk to the trigger to finish the time challenge. This allows the player to skip having to complete the slide. While the sequence break plays a large role in making this possible, the trigger not being on the slide is also an importance aspect. This differences from the other time challenge slides, whose triggers are located on the actual slide.