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Located in the 1st section of the Hub, Jellyfish Fields is the 1st platforming level of BfBB. This level sets the format which most other levels generally follow. Each sublevel flows into the next, with the final sublevel returning Spongebob to near the entrance.

Jellyfish Fields
Jellyfish Fields.png
Spatula Requirement None
Socks 14
Secondary Character Patrick

Jellyfish Rock (JF01)

Spatulas: 3 / Socks: 6

The first sublevel of Jellyfish Fields is Jellyfish Rock. With it being the among the first places a player would visit, the level serves to introduce many features prevalent throughout the rest of the game, including robots, toll clams, and bungees.

Notable Jellyfish Rock Strats

Bridge Skip

Main Article: Bridge Skip
Method to skip paying the clam in the Warpless Categories

Barrel Skip

Main Article: Barrel Skip
With the assistance of Cruise Boosting, the player is able to reach the island sock without using the barrels

Cannon Hill Skip

Main Article: Cannon Hill Skip
Method to skip the raising platforms cutscene in Warpless Categories

Cliff Skip

Main Article: Cliff Skip
Method of skipping having to walk around the cliff in Warpless Categories

Cowa-Bungee! Skip

Main Article: Cowa-Bungee! Skip
By disabling Hans, Spongebob is able to obtain the Cowa-Bungee! Spatula without using the bungee

Ham-Mer Skip

Main Article: Ham-Mer Skip
By manipulating the Ham-Mer Bot to precise location, Spongebob is able to skip a large section of the level

CB Rock Socks

Main Article: CB Rock Socks
Through the use of the Cruise Boost ability, Spongebob is able to collect the socks in generally unintended manners

Jellyfish Caves (JF02)

Spatulas: 2 / Socks: 4

Continuing onward from Jellyfish rock, the second sublevel is Jellyfish Caves. This level serves as a tutorial to the basic mechanics of playing as Patrick.

Notable Jellyfish Caves Strats

Caves BBJ

Main Article: Caves Bowl Boost Jump
Abuse of displacement caused by being grabbed by Hans which allows Spongebob to skip to the end of the sublevel

Caves LCB

Main Article: Caves LCB
Through the use of a higher speed Cruise Boost, the player is able to bypass the caves gate

Caves OOB

Main Article: Caves OOB
By Cruise Boosting, Spongebob is able to jump out of bounds and go under the caves section

Deathless Caves

Main Article: Deathless Caves
By using an LCB, the player is able to complete all objectives in the basin of the cave without dying

Dilemma Cutscene Skip

Main Article: Dilemma Cutscene Skip
Death abuse to skip an otherwise unskippable cutscene

Dilemma Skip

Main Article: Dilemma Skip
Using the Duplicatotron, Spongebob is able to skip activating the buttons to save Patrick

Geode Clip

Main Article: Geode Clip
Out of Bounds Clip to bypass Caves Gate

Pat's Hammer

Main Article: Pat's Hammer
Faster variant of Dilemma Skip

Rock Skip

Main Article: Rock Skip
By precisely moving onto the narrow ledges of stalagmites, Spongebob is able to take a more direct route to the spatula than intended

Jellyfish Lake (JF03)

Spatulas: 2 / Socks: 3

Emerging from the caves, the player finds themselves in the third sublevel: Jellyfish Lake.

Notable Jellyfish Lake Strats

Drain the Lake Clip

Main Article: Drain the Lake Clip
By Lag Clipping through the island, the player is able to skip draining the lake

Teeter Climb

Main Article: Teeter Climb
While Cruise Boosting, the player can abuse an oversight of the Developers to grab the spatula and camera lock

Tiki Skip

Main Article: Tiki Skip
While Cruiseboosting, Spongebob can bash off of tikis to scale the mountain faster

Spork Mountain (JF04)

Spatulas: 1 / Socks: 1

The Spork Mountain sublevel is supposed to be the player's first boss fight, with King Jellyfish being one of three mini-bosses within the game. Within Spork Mountain, there is 1 Golden Spatula—Slide Leap— and 1 sock.

King Jellyfish Quick Kill

By returning to the King Jellyfish fight with the Cruise Bubble, it is possible to exploit a Developer oversight