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Industrial Park features a boss fight against Robo-Patrick lasting over four minutes, which is required for most categories that need to beat Robo-Patrick. However, in categories that want the spatula but also start with cruise boosting, one can skip the fight altogether. Through use of lag clipping, the player is able to collect the spatula and save near 3 minutes over the glitchless method.

Immediately after loading into the level, get a full speed cruise boost. An RCB off the main platform is the fastest method, however any wall will work. Go to the conveyor belts opposite of spongebob, slightly to the right and space out your jumps to barely land under the goo. Bash in place and turn around, l-clipping through one of the goo barrels. Once done, line up along the wall. You cannot get a cruise bubble if you bashed correctly, so you will need to mash, in order, start, back, and l, much like Drain the Lake Clip. Once through, slam into the spatula and wait for the hand to grab you after some waiting.

This trick requires hans to be enabled, and is notoriously difficult to do on original Xbox. As a result, most runners doing this trick will do it on Xbox 360 instead. The spatula collection does not play the final cutscene of the boss fight, and thus does not give the cruise bubble. It does, however, set the flags to cause plankton to talk to you once next visiting Bikini Bottom, and removes the barrier between Hub 2 and Hub 3.