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Hans disable is a glitch that disables out of bounds auras.

Hans is the game's out of bounds detection system. When you travel too far out of the map or enter an area you aren't supposed to go, Hans will grab you and place you back at the last checkpoint. When a loading screen starts while Hans is on-screen, this effectively disables the out of bounds triggers. However, the out-of-bounds sand is still active, and will re-enable Hans if you are taken.

Save Game Glitch disable Hans entirely, allowing the player to venture on out-of-bounds sand as far as desired.



The most common method of Hans Disable. By having Hans take you away next to a taxipad (most commonly Jellyfish Fields, the player can activate the prompt during the animation. This creates a loading zone on the taxipad that takes you to the level when entered. Then, Hans can grab SpongeBob again and drag you into the loading zone initiates the load with Hans on the screen.


Kelp Gate

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