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Located in the 1st section of the Hub, Goo Lagoon is the 3rd platforming level of BfBB. Possessing only 3 sublevels, Goo Lagoon is unique in that it is the long level which has an active loading trigger.

Goo Lagoon
Goo Lagoon.png
Spatula Requirement 10
Socks 11
Secondary Character Patrick

Goo Lagoon Beach (GL01)

The first sublevel of Goo Lagoon is the Goo Lagoon Beach. This sublevel contains an invisible trigger which loads the Goo Lagoon Pier sublevel when touched. There are 4 Golden Spatulas in this level: King of the Castle, Connect the Towers, Save the Children, and Over the Moat. Additionally, there are 5 socks to collect.

Notable Goo Lagoon Beach Strats

Castle Ledge Grab

Main Article: Castle Ledge Grab
Patrick is able to Ledge Grab to the Ramparts of the Sandcastles

CB Balloon Kids

Main Article: CB Balloon Kids
Cruise Boosting from allows Spongebob to meet a cycle to allow him to save the children

Early Towers Glide

Main Article: Early Towers Glide
A Sponge-Glide used to reach the island with the robot

Goo Lagoon Box Bash

Main Article: Goo Lagoon Box Bash
Sliding Bash to get off of the Robot's island

Goo Lagoon Sequence Break Glide

Sponge-Glide to reach the Goo Lagoon Pier loading trigger

LCB Beach

Main Article: LCB Beach
Faster speed Cruise Boost used to complete objectives on the Beach

Over the Moat Button Abuse

Due to Developer oversight, it is possible to interact with the button without paying the clam

Pole Jump

Main Article: Pole Jump
While Cruise Boosting, it is possible to jump from the volleyball net to the last tower island

Umbrella Jump

Main Article: Umbrella Jump
Using the upward momentum from the Umbrella, it is possible to collect one of the castle socks

Under the Moat

Main Article: Under the Moat
By clipping out of bounds, it is possible to collect the Over the Moat spatula without raising its platform

Tower Sock Skip

Main Article: Tower Sock Skip
Through the use of damage boosts, it is possible to skip the floating beach towels for collecting the sock

Goo Lagoon Sea Caves (GL02)

Leaving the Beach, the next sublevel is the Goo Lagoon Sea Caves. Featuring largely goo floor, this level is unique due to its cyclically changing goo levels. This is 1 Golden Spatula in this level: Through the Sea Caves. Additionally, there are 3 socks to collect.

Notable Goo Lagoon Sea Caves Strats

Early Sea Cave Socks

Main Article: Early Sea Caves Sock
Delaying the goo from freezing allows for all the socks to be collected in 1 trip

Goo Lagoon Pier (GL03)

Emerging from the cave, the player finds enlightenment in the form of the Goo Lagoon Pier. This sublevel notably includes a Skee-Ball machine, which the player can bubble bowl into the generate shinies objects. An invisible trigger exists in this level which loads Goo Lagoon Beach when touched. Within Goo Lagoon Pier, there are 3 Golden Spatulas: Clean out the Bumper Boats, Slip and Slide Under the Pier, Tower Bungee. Additionally, there are 3 socks to collect.

Notable Goo Lagoon Pier Strats

Fast Wack

Main Article: Fast Wack
By going under the machine, it is possible to skip the wack-a-tiki minigame

Pier Boost

Main Article: Pier Boost
Damage Boost to skip to the end of Pier, primarily used for PAL consoles

Pier Checkpoint Dodges

Checkpoint Dodges allow for more desirable respond location

Pier Cutscene Skip

Main Article: Pier Cutscene Skip
By drowning, it is possible to skip the ticket stand's accompanying cutscene

Skee-Ball Abuse

Main Article: Skee-Ball Abuse
Method of generating shinies

Tower Climb

Main Article: Tower Climb
By climbing the flags, it is possible to skip paying the clam to get to the bungee

Under the Pier Slide Jump

By jumping off the slide, it is possible to jump off the slide to the spatula under the pier