Goo Cage Clip

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After draining the goo in Flying Dutchman's Graveyard, a cage containing a spatula is revealed. In order to open this cage, the player must pay a toll clam, which in turns opens a chest. Within this chest is a button which opens the cage, but also starts a timer. The player is the intended to proceed through a Spongeball course before the timer ends. This all can be avoided by clipping into the cage, which can be done in two ways.


Goo Cage L-Bowl

The Original method to clip into the cage was by performing an L-Bowl. By standing on the sloping edge of the ground between the wall jump section, it is possible to set up a bowl to fall onto Spongebob. From here, the player can bowl towards the cage and walk underneath where it will land.

Goo Cage Lag Clip

The newer method to clip into the cage involves using a Lag Clip. By activate a single Cruise Boost and jumping down from level where the box is, the game stores the downward momentum from the jump. This allows the player to Lag Clip through the Cage.