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Located in the 3rd section of the Hub, Flying Dutchman's Graveyard is the 9th platforming level of BfBB. The final platforming level, Flying Dutchman's Graveyard is largely built around the wall jumping and swingers mechanics. Additionally, the level is cyclical in nature, with each sublevel leading to the next in a linear manner.

Flying Dutchman's Graveyard
Flying Dutchman's Graveyard.png
Spatula Requirement 60
Socks 3
Secondary Character Sandy

Graveyard Lake (GY01)

The first sublevel of the Flying Dutchman's Graveyard is Graveyard Lake. This sublevel is unique from others in BfBB due to the player being able to lower the goo level. Within Graveyard Lake there is 3 Golden Spatulas: Top of the Entrance Area, A Path Through the Goo, Goo Tanker Ahoy! Additionally, there is 1 sock to collect.

Notable Graveyard Lake Strats

Goo Cage Clip

Main Article: Goo Cage Clip
It is possible to clip through the cage through two distinct methods

Goo Tanker Climb

Main Article: Goo Tanker Climb
By using the trampoline with an active Cruise Boost it is possible to land on the goo tanker

Graveyard of Ships (GY02)

Leaving the Lake, the next sublevel is the Graveyard of Ships. Within the Graveyard of Ships, there are 2 Golden Spatulas: Top of the Stack of Ships and Shipwreck Bungee. Additionally, there is 1 sock to collect.

Notable Graveyard of Ships Strats

Boat Bash

Main Article: Boat Bash
By abusing the geometry of the Boat with a Cruise Boost it is possible to skip the wall jump section

Shipwreck Bungee Skip

Main Article: Shipwreck Bungee Skip
With Hans disabled, it is possible to jump into the pit where the spatula is located

Shipwreck Climb

Main Article: Shipwreck Climb
Warpless strat used to reach the end of the stage

Shipwreck Sock

Main Article: Shipwreck Sock
With Hans disabled it is possible to grab the sock through the wall

Robot's Ship (GY03)

Continuing onward, the player arrives at the Robot's Ship sublevel. Staged around two dueling ships, the sublevel is a multileveled platform stage. Within Robot's Ship, there are 2 Golden Spatulas: Destroy the Robot Ship and Get Aloft There, Matey! Additionally, there is 1 sock to collect.

Notable Robot's Ship Strats

Cannon Cutscene Overlap

By pressing the button to activate the cutscene with an active Cruise Boost, it is possible to perform a Spatula Animation Overlap

CB Ship

Main Article: CB Ship
With the use of a Cruise Boost, it is possible to complete the sublevel as Spongebob

Container Sock Bash

Main Article: Container Sock Bash
By bashing off a container, it is possible to collect the sock without climbing the rope

Sail Bash

Main Article: Sail Bash
Due to the Geometry of the Sail, it possible to bash up to the spatula

Flying Dutchman Battle (GY04)

Following the destruction of the Robot's ship, the final sublevel is the Flying Dutchman Battle. This level is unique in that it is the only boss which Spongebob does not fight. Within the Flying Dutchman Battle, there is 1 Golden Spatula: Defeat the Flying Dutchman. Additionally, there are no socks to collect

Notable Flying Dutchman Battle Strats

Dutchman Skip

Main Article: Dutchman Skip
With the use of a Cruise Boost, it is possible to skip the Flying Dutchman fight