Fast Cycle Museum Sock

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In the museum, there is a sock located underneath the platform where Barnacle Boy is. Since the Museum is a cycle based level, grabbing this sock usually requires the player to need to reload in order to reset the cycle. This reload can be skipped though. By using Barnacle boy's textbox, Spongebob is immune to damage from the lasers. Using this to grab the sock, the player can then navigate towards the electric node on the left side of the laser wall. Using the electric aura it creates on the furthest showcase, Spongebob is able to damage boost into a 1 frame jump to reach the electric node. Since the node is oscillating up and down, Spongebob can jump while it is moving upward to gain extra height from his jump. This allows him to reach the laser wall on the same cycle as normal Cruise Boost museum, saving the load.