Extreme Sandmen

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A largely linear slide, Flounder Hill is the perfect segment for a high speed Cruise Boost. Eventually, this stage as features to methods to achieve a high speed Cruise Boost.


Ledge Cruise Boost

Located to the right of the starting line, there is a small ledge. From this ledge, the player is able to achieve a Cruise Boost which is roughly 3x faster than a normal CB. This can be used to collect everything on the slide without needing multiple trips with the assistance of Pipe Sock Climb.

Displacement Cruise Boost

Using a mound of snow next to the door, the player is able to ramp to Bubble Bowl into the area and position themselves so that it lands on them. This allows the player to Cruise Boost at a speed nearly 5 times the normal amount. This higher speed allows the player to take a more optimal route for destroying the snowmen.

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