Dutchman Skip

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The Flying Dutchman boss fight is the only Boss which does not involve the use of Spongebob to defeat. Following the sinking of the Robot's Ship, the Flying Dutchman refuses to hold up his end of the bargain. This leads Sandy to feel the need to enact retribution against him. This boss fight can be avoided though, due to the Developers forgetting to remove a Debug trigger which completes the right and spawns the spatula for the player. Located directly above where the player spawns, the player is able to reach it with the assistance of a Cruise Boost. By climbing the destroyed ship, the player can reach the level of the trigger and jump into it. While it is not necessary to have the Hand disabled, it is necessary if the player goes to the backside of the ship. Additionally, if the player is on Xbox or Xbox 360, they will be teleported to the battle platform, but all other consoles are not.