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Located in the 1st section of the Hub, Downtown Bikini Bottom is the 2nd platforming level of BfBB. Originally intended to be mostly cyclical, the developers forgot to enable a trigger which would allow the player to reenter the lighthouse.

Downtown Bikini Bottom
Downtown Bikini Bottom.png
Spatula Requirement 5
Socks 9
Secondary Character Sandy

Downtown Streets (BB01)

The first sublevel of Downtown Bikini Bottom is the Downtown Streets. Still early in the game, this sublevel continues to teach game mechanics, such as the Spongeball. Notably, this sublevel serves as the tutorial stage for Sandy. Within Downtown Streets, there are 3 Golden Spatulas to collect: End of the Road, Learn Sandy's Moves, and Tikis Go Boom. Additionally, there are 4 socks.

Notable Downtown Streets Strats

Cannon Damage Boost

Main Article: Cannon Damage Boost
Damage Boost which skips the Rooftop section of Downtown Streets as Spongebob

CB Tikis Go Boom

Main Article: CB Tikis Go Boom
Method of doing Tikis Go Boom while Cruise Boosting

Copper Triple Jump

Main Article: Copper Triple Jump
A one frame jump for getting the copper build sock

Fallen Building Trampoline Storage

By storing the upward momentum of a trampoline, it is possible to get the sock on top of the fallen building

Sandy's Move Skip

Main Article: Sandy's Move Skip
By abusing a developer oversight, it is possible to skip the Rooftops sections of Downtown Streets as Sandy

Spongeball Sandy's Move Skip

Method of skipping the Rooftops section of Downtown Streets through the use of Spongeball storage

Streets Wall Climb

Main Article: Streets Wall Climb
Using Developer oversights, the player is able to take a more direct path to the Sea Needle

Tar-Tar Bash

Main Article: Tar-Tar Bash
Use of a Tar-Tar bot to avoid going Out of Bounds; useful when Downtown Streets are saved for late game

Downtown Rooftops (BB02)

Leaving the ground, the next sublevel is the Downtown Rooftops. With a kill floor a short way down, this level is designed in a ‘the floor is lava' manner, with the player needing to navigate between the rooftops. There are 2 Golden Spatulas on the rooftops: Across the Rooftops and Swingin' Sandy. Additionally, there are 3 socks to collect.

Notable Downtown Rooftops Strats

DCB Rooftops

Main Article: DCB Rooftops
Through the use of a faster Cruise Boost, a different route can be taken

Lighthouse Disable

Main Article: Lighthouse Disable
Method of disabling Hans

Sandy Rooftops

Main Article: Sandy Rooftops
Methods of doing Rooftops as Sandy

Spongebob Rooftops

Main Article: Spongebob Rooftops
Method of doing Rooftops as Spongebob

Swingin' Sandy Skip

Main Article: Swingin' Sandy Skip
Due to Developer oversight, it is possible to skip the Swingers challenge

Lighthouse (BB03)

Continuing from the rooftops, Spongebob enters the Lighthouse. A tiered battle arena, the level is designed so that each floor collapses shortly after all of the robots on it are defeated. There is 1 Golden Spatulas—Ambush in the Lighthouse—to go along with 1 sock.

Notable Lighthouse Strats

Lighthouse Trampoline Skip

Due to Developer oversight, it possible to get the sock without using the trampolines

Lighthouse Fodder Clip

Using the Fodders, it is possible to clip through the laser wall

Sea Needle (BB04)

An offshoot of the Downtown Streets sublevel, the final sublevel of Downtown Bikini Bottom is the Sea Needle. The largest bungee challenge in the game, Sea Needle possesses 3 bungees which are used to destroy tikis. Sea Needle has 2 Golden Spatulas: Extreme Bungee and Come Back with the Cruise Bubble. Additionally, there is 1 sock to collect.

Notable Sea Needle Strats

CB Sea Needle

Main Article: CB Sea Needle
The use of the Cruise Boost allows for a different method to doing the Sea Needle

South Door Clip

Main Article: South Door Clip
By clipping through the South Door, it possible to reach the sock