Disc Tray Clipping

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Industrial Park features a boss fight against Robo-Patrick lasting over four minutes, which is required for most categories that need to beat Robo-Patrick. However, in categories that want the spatula but also start with cruise boosting, one can skip the fight altogether. Through use of lag clipping, the player is able to collect the spatula and save near 3 minutes over the glitchless method.

The Disc Tray Clip in Industrial Park is a variant of Industrial Park Clip that is only possible on the PS2 version of the game. On PS2, when you press the eject button on the console, it does not immediately quit out of the game. Instead it directs the player to put the disc back into the console and close the tray, and will continue the game once this has been done. When this is done, this creates a tremendous amount of lag. If this is done when Spongebob is in the center of Industrial Park, the player can open the disc tray and close it, then press L1 after the game turns back on to Lag Clip through the floor and the player will immediately touch the spatula, able to warp away after the animation ends.