Collectible Counter Abuse

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Collectible Counter Abuse (CCA) is a technique that takes advantage of the fact that when loading into a level, the counter that stores how many level-specific collectibles SpongeBob has (Campers, Wheels, Artwork, etc.) takes one frame to update. If SpongeBob warps to a collectible mission and uses the Cruise Bubble on the first frame loading in, the character that gave him the mission will detect he has the same number of collectibles as the level he was just in. This only works for missions where SpongeBob spawns within detection range of the character.

CCA does not work for the "Save the Children" mission in Goo Lagoon, because the kids are counted separately from the displayed counter in the HUD.


  • Kelp Forest: In a trick known as Camperless, SpongeBob can collect 6 or more collectibles in any level then warp to the "Find the Lost Campers" mission and perform CCA to receive the spatula.
  • Rock Bottom: A variant of Art Skip can be performed if SpongeBob collects 6 collectibles in any level then warps to the "Return the Art" mission and performs CCA to receive the spatula.