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Located within the Chum Bucket, Chum Bucket Lab is the final Boss level of BfBB. The level features the Robo-Spongebob and Robo-Spongebob Brain boss fight. This is the only of the three main bosses which Spongebob fights alone. Additionally, unlike the Robo-Sandy and Robo-Patrick fights, Spongebob does not learn a new ability afterwards.

Chum Bucket Lab
Chum Bucket Lab.png
Spatula Requirement 75
Socks None
Secondary Character None

Robo-Spongebob (B302)

In the penultimate moments of the game, Spongebob faces his Robotic equivalent. Divided into 3 stages, the player must attempt to Robo-Spongebob's evolving move set and interference from Robo-Plankton. This sublevel contains no socks to collect but does have 1 Golden Spatula: Kah-Rah-Tae.

Notable Robo-Spongebob Strats

Robo-Spongebob Skip

Main Article: Robo-Spongebob Skip
Due to Developer trigger being left in the game, it is possible to skip the fight

Robo-Spongebob Brain (B303)

As the end approaches, Spongebob finds himself inside the Robot's brain in an attempt to shut it down. This sublevel also contains no socks to collect but does have 1 Golden Spatula: The Small Shall Rule… Or Not.

Notable Robo-Spongebob Brain Strats


Main Article: Neurosurgery
By clipping inside the Brain, it is possible to destroy the fuses without the Cruise Bubble

Small Shall Rule Skip

Main Article: Small Shall Rule Skip
With Hans disabled, it is possible to skip to the last fuse before 3 brain fuses