Checkpoint Dodges

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Scattered throughout the levels are checkpoint triggers which set the player's respawn in the event that they die or are grabbed by Hans. While most of these checkpoints are notified to the player by a text overlay and the presence of a physical checkpoint, some triggers do not notify the player when they are activated. While meant to reduce redundancy during casual gameplay, it is sometimes optimal to avoid these triggers in a speedrun as a means to respawning in a more desirable location. In order to avoid activating a checkpoint, the player must go around the invisible trigger. While limited in use in most category, this strategy is essential in the Warpless Any% and Warpless 100% categories--two of the extension board categories--as it cuts down on what could otherwise be tedious additional walking.

Useful Checkpoint Dodges

  • NG+ Goo Lagoon Pier
  • Warpless Any% Downtown Rock Bottom
  • Warpless Any% Goo Lagoon Pier
  • Warpless Any% Squidward's Dream
  • Warpless 100% Goo Lagoon Beach
  • Warpless 100% Trench of Advanced Darkness