Caves Bowl Boost Jump

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Following SpongeBob saving Patrick in Jellyfish Fields, Patrick is intended to proceed through the Jellyfish Caves. It is possible to avoid this in the speedrun by going out of bounds and proceeding under the caves before ledge grabbing back in. This, though, is also very time intense.

An alternative to walking here is to perform a Bowl Boost Jump. By activating Hans and having it drag you into the box open, SpongeBob is displaced upon loading into the level. In addition to this, if the player bowls on the first frame after Hans leaves the screen, SpongeBob is displaced at a high speed in the direction of the bowl. By jumping and Bubble Wanding at a precise time and with a precise angle, the player is able to land outside the caves or potential even with the cave, allowing them to skip past walking through the duration of the cave or going under it.