Cave Campers Early

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Most levels in BfBB are designed in a cyclical manner, with the last stage returning SpongeBob to the entry stage. While useful level design for casual play, this same utility is easily exploited in the context of a speedrun. Within Kelp Forest, though, going backwards through the level runs into a roadblock when entering the Kelp Caves. Upon entering, a gate immediately blocks the player's path. While they are still able to obtain a spatula and warp to the beginning of the cave, on the other side of the gate is a camper and a crystal, both of which are necessary to achieve 100% in the game.

This gate, though, can be clipped through by using a Displacement Bowl. By ramping the Bubble Bowl off the wall, the player is able to position SpongeBob under the falling Bubble Bowl. Once the Bubble Bowl has fallen onto SpongeBob a certain amount, the player is able to perform an L-Bowl. This causes SpongeBob to clip through the gate while being displaced at a high speed. Following this displacement, the player is able to perform a Cruise Boost before proceeding to collect both the Camper and the Crystal.