Cannon Hill Skip

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Located shortly before the Cowa-Bungee! Spatula there is a cannon which fires at SpongeBob while he approaches it. This cannon stands in the way of reaching the upper level of the Jellyfish Rock sublevel. With this, though, it is possible to Damage Boost off of the cannon's projectiles as a means of reaching the upper level.

The player must first walk around the cliff so as to active the trigger which causes the cannon to begin firing. Once the player is on the same level as the cannon, they must land on top of a newly fired projectile, either by bashing or by jumping onto it from the cannon. From here, the player will be damaged by the projectile; this will allow them to perform either a one frame bash or a sliding bash, both of which will allow them to reach the upper level of Jellyfish Rock. This trick is useful in Warpless categories and can be used to skip the raising platforms cutscene which would otherwise need to be activated to reach the upper level.