Cannon Cutscene Overlap

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Following the last cannon being activated on the Dutchman's ship, three things occur. The first is that a spatula spawns as a reward for completing the objective. The second is that a trampoline spawns which allows the player to reach another spatula located on the mast. The third is that a chest opens which contains a button that causes the cannons to fire at the Robot's ship.

These three things can be used in accordance with each other to overlap a spatula animation with the cutscene. By going on the trampoline to the mast with a Cruise Boost active, the player is able to active the button in the chest once after collect the Mast spatula. By slamming the button while facing the lower spatula, the momentum from the Cruise Boost will push the player into the spatula during the cutscene. This allows the player to watch the spatula animation while the Cannon animation is playing, allowing the player to skip having to watch other animations separately.